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We are a cabinet of highly specialized judicial experts, who provide services to lawyers, companies and individuals with more than 10 years of experience conducting expert opinions for the courts.

Our extensive experience, the result of continuous University and Professional training, allows us to establish a direct and close professional relationship with clients and their legal representatives to offer a quality professional service, acting as independent experts in the resolution of judicial or extrajudicial conflicts.

We are registered in the Registry of Judicial Experts of the Courts of Justice and belong to the respective Professional Associations and / or professional associations. Our team is composed of qualified professionals, specialized and with judicial experience to make expert opinions with rigor, clarity and solidity.

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We carry out judicial reports, expert reports, counter-expert reports and previous feasibility reports, as well as their subsequent ratification in court, in the following specialties:

Experts in traffic accidents
Applying the investigation techniques our experts identify and analyze the factors involved in the accident and establish the causes of the accident, and finally proceed to carry out the reconstruction of the incident.
Experts in Automotive
Our expert reports analyze the breakdown, from the operation of the system, the description of the damages, their analysis, possible causes and cost, breakdowns under warranty from the manufacturer and / or the mechanical workshop.
Fire Experts
Very useful in case of disagreement in the compensation proposal from the insurance company to the insured. We provide another appraisal and in this way we establish the possibility of agreement (Art.38 of the Insurance Contract Law).
Experts in Architecture and Construction
Our specialized experts elaborate the expert opinions analyzing the causes of the damages, their cost of replacement as well as the possible solutions to a constructive problem, in a concise and detailed way.
Experts in accidents at work and dangerous activities
Our expert experts will determine if the origin of a damage caused to a worker is due to or as a result of a breach of the employer's obligations regarding health and safety.
Experts in industrial engineering and facilities
Our opinions by expert industrial engineers and industrial, civil, telecommunications, chemical, specialized and experienced technical engineers.

Our team is composed of qualified professionals, specialized and with judicial experience.

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More than 10 years of experience conducting expert opinions

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