We carry out judicial appraisals, party reports, counter-surveys and previous feasibility reports, as well as their subsequent ratification in court, in the following specialties:

Peritos accidente de tráfico

Experts in traffic accidents

Applying traffic accident investigation techniques, our specialist specialists identify and analyze the factors involved in the accident and the causes of the accident, and finally proceed to carry out the reconstruction of the accident.

  • 3D reconstruction and simulation of accidents
  • Biomechanics Reports
  • Analysis of speeds from the braking footprint
  • Collision chassis deformation study
  • Trajectory analysis
Peritos automoción

Experts in Automotive

The expert opinions of our mechanical experts carried out by industrial engineers, analyze the breakdown, from the operation of the system, the description of the damages, their analysis and their possible causes and cost, failures under warranty of the manufacturer and / or the mechanical workshop.

  • Mechanical warranty opinion on breakdowns or failures in all types of vehicles (eg engine, airbag, electronic components, braking system), motorcycles, motor vehicles, industrial and agricultural vehicles
  • Defects in manufacturing quality by the manufacturer
  • Component Design Failure
  • Defective repairs by mechanical workshop
Peritos incendios

Fire Experts

Our expert reports on fires are required, in a high percentage, by disagreement in the compensation proposal of the insurance company to the insured person who suffers the accident, providing our experts with another assessment of the damages suffered and thus establishing the possibility of agreement in the terms of Art.38 of the Insurance Contract Law.

  • Analysis of the origin of the fire.
  • Causes and categorization of fire (accidental, intentional, vandalism).
  • Reconstruction of fire dynamics.
  • Valuation of property damage (existing objects, damage estimate).
Peritos arquitectura

Experts in Architecture and Construction

Our specialized experts, architects and technical architects, prepare the expert opinions analyzing the causes of the damages, their replacement cost as well as the possible solutions to a constructive problem, in a concise and detailed way.

  • Expert opinions on structural pathologies
  • Assessment of claims in homes and buildings
  • Determination of the quality of work execution, finishing defects and construction defects
  • Review of work certifications, delay in execution
  • Valuations and / or Assessments of the status of a work
  • Assessment and analysis of urban planning
Peritos accidente laboral

Experts in Labor Accidents

Our expert experts, Senior Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention, will determine if the origin of a damage caused to a worker is due to or as a result of a breach by the employer of his obligations in matters of safety and health.

  • Establish the cause and determine if the measures in prevention of occupational hazards for the job were sufficient and in accordance with current legislation.
  • Reconstruction of the accident and conclusions based on responsibilities, using the tree of causes method.
  • Measurement of exposure to chemical, biological and physical agents (asbestos, benzene, toluene, etc.) in relation to occupational diseases.
  • Accidents in specific work environments:
    • Explosive atmospheres (ATEX) and confined spaces.
    • In underwater work and professional diving.


Peritos industriales

Experts in industrial engineering and facilities

Our opinions made by expert industrial engineers and industrial, civil, telecommunications, chemical, specialized technical engineers with extensive experience in the field of their professional competence.

  • Opinions on deficiencies or breakdowns in electricity, fire, air conditioning, gas, telecommunications, plumbing, telecommunications, security and video surveillance installations
  • Damage to installations due to voltage disturbance in the electricity supply network
  • Study of the acoustic and vibratile impact on premises, residential and industrial buildings
  • Deficiencies in operation and breakdowns of lifting devices (elevators and/or forklifts)
Bloques rojos

Experts in Official Valuation of Miscellaneous Assets

We determine the real economic value of all types of movable and immovable property, by means of opinions issued by our appraisal experts with validity before any public or private administration, valuation of inheritances and creditors.

  • Movable property: machinery, vehicles, furniture, jewelry, works of art, merchandise or stock of a company.
  • Real estate: residential, industrial, commercial buildings
  • For presentation as guarantee / guarantee before the Tax Agency, Social Security, Financial Entities, or other organizations.
  • Contradictory expert valuation before complementary liquidation of the Tax Agency

Experts of accidents at work and especially dangerous activities

Our specialized experts, in addition to Senior Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention, have professional experience and training in especially dangerous activities, such as those listed in Annex I of RD 39/1997, Regulation of Prevention Services, to establish the causes of accidents or occupational diseases in specific work environments:

  • Underwater work and professional diving.
  • Works with exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Work with explosives and pyrotechnic articles
  • Open pit and indoor mining, and surface surveys
  • Work with high voltage electrical hazards



Experts in topography

Execution of topographic experts by proficents experts, surveyors, aimed at measuring the real surface and providing plans of the land where to certify the surface and boundaries (boundaries) of a given plot, as evidence in conflicts between two or more disagreeing parties.

  • Topographic reports for demarcation of farms (rustic land), easements of views or passage and new construction interdicts.
  • Measurement of lots and farms, and conflicts over land boundaries.
  • Claim of incidents with the Land Registry to register a farm or resume the successive tract
  • Justification of excess of space, segregations or groupings, land or flight rights and swaps.
  • Records on expropriations.
Ordenador informático

Computer Experts

Our specialized experts, computer engineers and computer experts with high specialization, prepare expert opinions in the field of new technologies, equipment and software.

  • Authenticity analysis of emails.
  • Hacking of software and copyrights.
  • Damage and valuation due to computer attacks (hackers).
  • Analysis of industrial espionage and identity theft.
  • E-commerce fraud
Puerto marítimo

Naval Experts

Our expert opinions on ships and ships for the transport of people and / or merchandise, as well as recreational vessels are carried out by naval engineers, both assessing the state and navigability condition of a given vessel and analyzing the causes of an accident.

  • Vessel valuation for shipyards, shipowners, nautical brokers and naval carvings.
  • Osmosis inspection and analysis with marine moisture meter.
  • State and condition inspections and sea tests, usual before formalizing a purchase and sale and for insurance purposes.
  • Investigation of claims in freight transport, of causes and assessment of damage due to breakdown, beached, marine pollution and sinking.

Defective Products Experts

Our expert opinions are intended to provide objective and rigorous evidence of the defect in operation and / or quality of use of a particular product, the causes that cause it and its economic cost of repair.

  • Design and / or manufacturing defects by the product manufacturer.
  • Failure to comply with current regulations on product safety (CE marking, etc.).
  • Analysis of defect in weapons and forensic ballistics, ballistic behavior of weapons and ammunition, reconstruction of ballistic accidents with hunting weapons.
  • Manufacturing defects in the form of fissures or microrutures in carbon bicycle frames.

Expert Calligraphers and Documents

Our calligraphy experts are carried out by experienced calligraphers, in order to rule on the authenticity of a signature through signed documents and / or manuscripts that are provided for comparison. Forged documents are analyzed forged documents.

  • Analysis of authenticity and / or falsity of signatures and rubrics
  • Anonymous Authorship
  • Analysis of inks and media in forged documents
  • Analysis of falsehood in Currency, Securities, Securities, Bills of Exchange, Notes, etc.

Veterinary Experts

Our opinions are written by veterinarians, in professional practice with extensive and updated medical-veterinary and judicial training, developing their activity in various areas, such as veterinary clinic, food hygiene, veterinary pathology and veterinary toxicology

  • Veterinary malpractice of diagnosis, interventions and / or treatment of both pets and livestock farms.
  • Opinion on sanitary control, health and hygiene conditions of farms intended for industrial food production (food hygiene): fish farming, beekeeping, poultry farming, etc.
  • Determination of compliance with animal welfare regulations, on farms, transport and slaughter.
  • Assessment of pollution of ecosystems and environmental impacts of livestock farms

Medical Experts

Our medical experts have reputable experience in both the professional and judicial fields, with specialists in different areas such as: traumatology, dentistry, occupational medicine, gynecology, plastic and restorative surgery, among others.

  • Assessment in interventions in doctors, negligence or malpractice and derived medical responsibility.
  • Medical assessment of body damage and forensic trauma, and functional biomechanical studies, in traffic accidents.
  • Legal medical assessment of causation in injuries and pathologies: common illness, work accident and occupational disease (claim for benefits surcharge), disability and work disability.
  • Psychiatric and neurological assessment.

Agricultural and Livestock Experts

Our opinions are written by agronomists, developing their professional activity in the agricultural and livestock sectors, with high experience both in the development of livestock exploitation projects (sheep, goats, pigs, poultry), as in various crops (irrigation, dry land, greenhouse)

  • Assessment of rustic farms, farms and livestock.
  • Opinion of the degree of compliance with the minimum technical conditions of exploitation and management of animals.
  • Appraisal of agricultural machinery.
  • Assessment of damage to crops (meteorology, pests, etc.) and livestock (zoology, diseases, critical points).